Ableconn VGA2HDMIB VGA to HDMI Converter

Ableconn VGA2HDMIB VGA to HDMI Converter

Ableconn VGA2HDMIB VGA to HDMI Converter

Are you tired of watching movies or playing games on your small computer screen? Upgrade your viewing experience with the Ableconn VGA2HDMIB VGA to HDMI Converter. This converter allows you to connect your PC to an HDTV, so you can enjoy high-quality audio and video on a larger screen.

Key Features

High-Quality Video

The Ableconn VGA2HDMIB supports resolutions up to 1080p@60, ensuring that you get crisp and clear video output. Whether you’re watching movies, playing games, or giving presentations, this converter will deliver stunning visuals.

Audio Support

In addition to video, the VGA2HDMIB also supports audio transmission. Simply connect your PC’s audio output to the converter, and it will be seamlessly integrated with the HDMI output. Say goodbye to the hassle of separate audio cables.

Easy to Use

The VGA2HDMIB is plug-and-play, meaning you can start using it right away without any complicated setup. Simply connect the VGA and audio cables from your PC to the converter, and then connect the HDMI cable from the converter to your HDTV. It’s that easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this converter with my laptop?

Yes, as long as your laptop has a VGA output and your HDTV has an HDMI input, you can use the Ableconn VGA2HDMIB with your laptop.

Do I need to install any drivers?

No, the VGA2HDMIB is driverless. It works with both Windows and Mac operating systems without the need for any additional software.

Can I connect multiple devices to the converter?

No, the VGA2HDMIB only supports one input device at a time. If you want to connect multiple devices, you will need to use a separate HDMI switch or splitter.


The Ableconn VGA2HDMIB VGA to HDMI Converter is the perfect solution for anyone looking to connect their PC to an HDTV. With support for high-quality video and audio, as well as easy setup and use, this converter will enhance your viewing experience. Upgrade your entertainment setup today!