AutoZing 7D Car Floor Mats (Beige) for Mercedes C Class Beige Colour

AutoZing 7D Car Floor Mats (Beige) for Mercedes C Class Beige Colour

A luxurious combination of style, class, comfort and protection for your car

Autozing presents an exclusive range of 7d luxury custom fitted car mats taking interior auto luxury to the next level, making comfortable, elegant and healthy driving.

These floor mats will make your car look more luxurious, giving it a customized, elegant, tailor-made look. The materials we use are extremely durable and provide 7-depth layer protection. The mats are highly durable, resist scuffing, and are completely functional.

  • Wire loop – non-slip, waterproof, noise reduction and antifouling to bear or endure dirty, protect the car interior.
  • Heavy-duty vinyl backing – makes it anti-slip, waterproof, dust-proof, protects stains, fading, dirt, easy to clean.

Premium 7 Dimensional Unique Design with Superior Quality

Compatible for car mats, non-toxic and odourless with dust proof.

Premium Car Mats

Covers the entire area perfectly with raised edge. Printed texture making mats look classy and superb.

100% Water Resistant

Protects the car from water, oil, dirt, mud, dust, snow.

Anti-slip Layer

Provides maximum safety while driving; durable product.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these mats compatible with all Mercedes C Class models?

Yes, these mats are custom fitted for Mercedes C Class models.

2. Can these mats be easily cleaned?

Yes, these mats are easy to clean. Simply wipe them with a damp cloth or use a vacuum cleaner.

3. Are these mats durable?

Yes, these mats are highly durable and provide long-lasting protection for your car’s interior.


AutoZing 7D Car Floor Mats are the perfect combination of style, class, comfort, and protection for your Mercedes C Class. With their luxurious design and superior quality, these mats will enhance the look of your car while providing maximum safety and durability. Say goodbye to dirty and worn-out mats, and upgrade to AutoZing 7D Car Floor Mats for a truly luxurious driving experience.