RS-1-2 Rubber Stoppers – GSC International

RS-1-2 Rubber Stoppers – GSC International

RS-1-2 Rubber Stoppers

Introducing the RS-1-2 rubber stoppers from GSC International. These stoppers are designed to meet all your sealing needs. With their size 1 dimensions and drilled 2-holes, they are perfect for a variety of applications. Each pack contains 1 pound of stoppers, ensuring you have an ample supply for your projects. Available in black, these stoppers are not only functional but also visually appealing.


Size 1 Dimensions

The RS-1-2 rubber stoppers are sized perfectly to fit a wide range of containers and equipment. Whether you need to seal a test tube or a flask, these stoppers will provide a secure and tight fit.

Drilled 2-Holes

With two holes drilled through the stoppers, they offer enhanced versatility. You can use these holes to insert glass or plastic tubing, allowing for the passage of liquids or gases. This feature makes the RS-1-2 stoppers ideal for laboratory experiments and scientific research.

1-Pound Pack

Each pack of RS-1-2 stoppers contains 1 pound of stoppers. This generous quantity ensures that you have an abundant supply for your projects. Whether you need a few stoppers or a large quantity, this pack has got you covered.

Available in Black

The RS-1-2 stoppers are available in a sleek black color. This not only adds a touch of elegance to your equipment but also makes them easily distinguishable. The black color also helps to prevent light from entering the container, making these stoppers suitable for light-sensitive materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can these stoppers be used with both glass and plastic containers?

Yes, the RS-1-2 rubber stoppers can be used with both glass and plastic containers. The flexible material ensures a tight seal regardless of the container material.

2. Are these stoppers autoclavable?

Yes, the RS-1-2 stoppers are autoclavable. They can withstand high temperatures and pressure, making them suitable for sterilization.

3. Can I purchase these stoppers in different sizes?

Yes, GSC International offers a range of rubber stoppers in various sizes. Please check our website for the complete selection.


The RS-1-2 rubber stoppers from GSC International are the perfect solution for all your sealing needs. With their size 1 dimensions, drilled 2-holes, and availability in black, these stoppers offer both functionality and aesthetics. Whether you are conducting scientific experiments or need to seal containers, these stoppers provide a secure and reliable solution. Purchase your pack today and experience the quality and versatility of the RS-1-2 rubber stoppers.