Topmart High Density Extended Foam Dog Ramp&Steps 3 Tiers

Topmart High Density Extended Foam Dog Ramp&Steps 3 Tiers

Topmart High Density Extended Foam Dog Ramp&Steps 3 Tiers

Most pet stairs only consider how young and healthy pets can use them. They have not noticed how older and injured pets should use those hard and steep pet steps. Our Topmart dog steps are not only suitable for young and healthy pets, but also for older and injured pets, making it their best choice.

Product Size

Topmart Extended 3 Steps Dog Ramps&Staris is 15.7″ High, 33.46″ Long, and 15.7″ Wide.

Package Include

  • 3 Tier foam pet stair
  • Machine washable soft cover (White)
  • A pet hair remover roller

Longer and Safer

Compared to the original model, we lengthened each step by 2 inches and made each step larger, increasing the safety of the product. This provides a smoother climbing environment for older or leg-injured pets.

Safer, Wider & Deeper Steps

Our dog stairs are excellent for older dogs who are less mobile as they age or for cats with injuries. The more wide and deep steps are helpful for reducing the strain on your pet’s joints when constantly jumping up and down onto lower surfaces such as beds or sofas. The Topmart dog steps are designed to be stable and will not shake or slip during use. The cover made of corduroy is more frictional than other covers, ensuring that pets will not slip on the stairs.

Easy to Assembly and Clean

The stair cover is removable and machine-washable, making it easy to keep clean. The stairs are made of 30D high-density foam, which is durable and maintains its shape. There is no frame, ensuring a high rebound and making it not easy to lose shape. We recommend it for pets weighing less than 60 pounds.

Special Notice

Our dog ramp is packed in a vacuum compression package. Please make sure to open all packages before use, allowing the foam to come in contact with the air. It may take 24-48 hours for the foam to fully rebound, depending on the temperature. The higher the temperature, the faster the rebound.

Extra Send

A pet hair remover roller is included as an additional gift with our pet ramp.


The Topmart High Density Extended Foam Dog Ramp&Steps 3 Tiers is the best choice for older and injured pets. It provides a safer and more comfortable climbing environment for pets with joint pain or injuries. With its longer and safer steps, easy assembly and cleaning, and additional pet hair remover roller, it is the perfect gift for your beloved pet.